Alexandra Loeb
Fashion Stylist & Creative Consultant

(647) 998-8290

Complete portfolio and image archive available upon request

Alexandra Loeb is a trusted and sought after fashion stylist and creative consultant with a portfolio that features extensive work with diverse photographers in editorial, advertising, celebrity and creative direction.

Alexandra began her career in fashion as a summer intern in at Harper’s Bazaar in New York. From there, she founded the fashion consulting firm Alexandra Loeb Productions, which assists clients with editorial styling, personal shopping, image transformation, and wardrobe organization.

Through her keen eye for translating the latest trends into their contemporary urban lifestyles, Alexandra serves an established clientele in Toronto, NYC and LA.

With her exquisite judgement, Alexandra advocates for the subtle integration of high end fashion to reflect each client’s unique personality.

As a stylist Alexandra regularly contributes to many publications both online and in print. Her work can be seen in ZINK,, YYZ Living, Fashion China, ACF, Fantastics, Bello, Bamboo, LadyGunn, King West, INK, Desirable, and Salon Magazine. From 2010-2012, she was the Art Director of, styling numerous video and photo editorials for the digital fashion platform.

Alexandra holds an Honors BFA degree in Fine Arts from York University. She is currently the Fashion Editor of YYZ Living Magazine.